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Components and Equipment

Casella Process Solutions’ stainless steel components cover a wide range of Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech manufacturing requirements. Our product partnerships have been developed over years and represent the most dependable and technically advanced solutions to meet the productivity and quality requirements of our customers.

Casella maintains an extensive documentation program, providing our customers with the traceability and certificates of compliance that meet regulatory mandates and these documents are stored electronically at our facility in the event that duplicates are required.

Our in house fabrication facility can make modifications to nearly any stainless steel component we provide to accommodate such things as complex routing or specific length requirements.

100% of all Casella components are inspected before shipping.

Our Manufacturers


Since its inception in 1964 in Ingelfingen, Germany Gemu has been known as a market leader in product development for sanitary diaphragm valves.

Sanitary Diaphragm Valves
Manual and Pneumatic Actuation
Multi-port Design Concepts
Positioning Indicators and Switch Accessories
The world's only single use diaphragm valve


Metenova´s mission is to drive the technological development of our products to meet and surpass today’s needs, and the requirements of the future enabling our customers to achieve further success.

Zero-g Stainless Magnetic Mixer
Zero-g Plastic Magnetic Mixer
HIP zero deadleg connector

abc - allegheny bradford

For more than 30 years, Allegheny Bradford has been a leading manufacturer of custom, stainless steel equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries specializing in:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Universal Filter Housings
Opti-Clean Filter Housings
Custom Tanks and Vessels
Modular Process Systems

thermo scientific

Products include:

Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps
Masterflex Pump Tubing


The QFI team has years of fabrication experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise includes:

TIG and Orbital Welding
Mechanical Polishing
Full documentation packages for traceability – weld maps and logs, boroscoping blind welds, surface finish certification

rubber fab technologies

Products include:

Sanitary Gaskets & Seals
Hose Assemblies
Hose Fittings and Adapters

newman sanitary gaskets

Newman Sanitary Gasket Company manufactures its own products - gaskets, "O"-rings and various custom molded parts produced from the company's own compound formulations.

Sanitary Clamp Gaskets
FDA & USP Class VI
O-Rings, Molded and Vulcanized

casella bleed  valves

CSMI Bleed Valves. The CSMI sample valve is a versatile valve engineered to provide a simple cost effective solution for numerous applications including:

Vent Drain Valve
Bleed Applications
Transfer Panel Safety

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